It’s raining! Wait no, it’s Seattle..

IMG-0997Always a milk tea in hand. It’s part of the accessories really.


Last November, I was wandering around Seattle, I was totally confused to why the streets were so empty. Then I realized the Seahawks were playing, that’s football for you non-football fans (like me). It was pretty thunderous, earthquake status, as I’m wandering around from International District to King Station. But that’s alright, I had boba in my hand!

It was slightly drizzling, and my poor boyfriend had to deal because this girl wanted boba! DUH! Did I mention we were walking? At least I made up for it by waiting in a huge long line to get Dim Sum with him. :}

While trying to decide on a place, I stumbled on a pretty authentic local mom and pop shop, Ambrosia. It felt like a pick up and go type of shop, and not a place where you would sit and do work. At least that was the vibe I was getting. It did the job, my milk tea was satisfying.

For the remainder of my stay, I had my lovely old man drive me to Sharetea in University District, from Downtown Seattle where we were staying, to get me boba daily. Poor guy didn’t even want anything. But don’t worry, he got used to it because that’s what you do if you love me!

So if you’re in Seattle and on the hunt for boba houses, University District has a couple familiar names to choose from, Kung Fu Tea¬†and Chatime. There are a few others, but these are my preferences. So happy boba hunting!

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Milk tea for thoughts!

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