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Don’t worry, be happy!

I’ve been too busy to keep up but I’m back!

It feels so good to be off today. This gives me a chance hang out with my puppy, watch TV while sipping on my almond milk tea from Lollicup Westminster, CA location. Basically doing nothing, which I absolutely love. Lollicup is one of my favorite boba houses because of their popcorn chicken and fried squid rings. Extra spicy please! Glutton for fiery punishment, but it’s so good! I can’t help it, but it’s ok because I got the milk tea to cool me down. 😀 I keep thinking, with so many boba houses popping up everywhere in Little Saigon, it’s pretty cool to see this place still booming. Kudos to one of the OGs!

No schedule to meet, no place I’m expected to be today and it feels terrific! No anxieties to meet deadlines make me feel so relaxed, which makes me really happy. And I like being happy 🙂

Previously, I’ve mentioned about feeling lost and frustrated due to lack of direction in life and also feeling stagnant. Unfortunately, it’s still ongoing and I’m still figuring myself out. It’s not easy and heavy on the mind. However, I’ve been opening myself up to try exploring different opportunities. In doing so, it puts me in a positive light. Plus, being so busy lately, it gives me less time to dwell in all the negativity. I don’t even have time to think! It’s like a bandaid, a quick fix. But like I said, I’m still learning and figuring myself out. Be positive!

Positive vibe. So smile. Be happy! ❤

Milk tea for thoughts

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Attempted Hustle & Heart

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Happiness in a cup = heart.


Today called for productivity, so I decided to go to a boba house, Bloomz, to plan out a project and start a brainstorming session with my friend. What I really ended up doing was watching pop music videos while sipping on my milk tea… Technically, it wasn’t my fault since I didn’t play the videos myself. Right? So, I will credit Bloomz, for the unintended distraction. My poor friend ended up brainstorming by herself while I sat there completely distracted. But on a good note, I am now very well verse with Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, The Weekend and Taylor Swift. Winning!

Maybe, I should bring headphones next time..

Good thing was, she did like the drink I recommended, and was content to work on the project on her own. At Bloomz, they have crystal boba, which is why it is one of my favorite boba houses. My go-to drink is jasmine milk tea and of course with an add-on of crystal boba. Crystal boba is also known as agar boba, which is made from algae. In comparison to the traditional boba, crystal boba is a white pearl that is translucent, has a gelatin texture and a bit more crunchy than it is chewy. So if you’re counting calories, it’s a healthier option than your traditional boba! Regardless, it’s deliciousness in a cup!

Side note, I did finally help her with the planning, after who knows how long. A for effort though. At least we go the job done! Kudos (to her).

I suppose, I did accomplish what I set out to do today. I got to the boba house. Yay!

Milk tea for thoughts!

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