Ding! Ding! Ding Tea


I need a bigger wallet to expense all my milk teas!


Last night, I totally needed a pick-me-upper, so I settled for Ding Tea, in Garden Grove, and maybe because it’s next to my mom’s house. My No. 1 go to is their Signature Milk tea. This is my absolute favorite item on the menu. I prefer my drink with a stronger flavor of tea, and this drink does just that. I love it!

And you know what else? They give you stamp cards! I LOVE stamp cards! I’m that one person who stands there and goes through all my stamp cards to find the right one for the store! #NoShame.

And also, this cornucopia of a wall always makes me feel like it’s fall in there, and that’s nice because I’m still waiting for fall to arrive… Bad news is, it has already arrived! what..? I’m still not feeling the whole sweater weather thing!

Once I got my drink, I sat down since I had time to kill before work, I couldn’t help but continue to daze about my jumbo mumbo of thoughts. Mainly the thought of being lost, confused, alone, and sometimes frustrated due to lack of direction in life…to maybe meet your ultimate goal.
Also, that feeling of being stagnant, when everyone and everything is passing you by..

Does anyone share the same sentiment..?
Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for what I have going in my life, but just still very unfulfilled.

Then I realized I was running super late, so I pulled a ninja move out of my chair! And obviously that totally made me snapped out of it. Plus I had my milk tea to pick me up! That was the whole reason why I came there in the first place, right? It’s totally magic in a cup. I’m telling you, so you best believe it.

Just my thought of the day.

Milk tea for thoughts.

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