London, I feel you.

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Exploring with my boba, Cambridge, UK


Last month, while I was traveling in London, and you best know it, I found several boba places (I was on a hunt, really) that I realy liked. While, my friends were looking for coffee houses, I was looking for boba houses. So yup! you can pretty much say we were doubling up on the caffeine trips and doses! I drank coffees with them… They drank boba with me…. It was a total compromise!

Let’s face it, I’m not going to last an entire trip without ANY kind of boba fixes! Like…. get real. 

While, I can’t say I had any outstanding milk tea experiences, there were a couple that really stood out for me personally. It definitely satiated my cravings. Because common, it’s not a vacation if I’m not happy. And boba makes me happy!

The two places I care to share:

  1. Ooshi! (Cambridge)
    61 Regent Street
    Cambridge CB2 1AB
    United Kingdom
  2. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Soho, London)
    52 Dean Street
    London W1D 5BL
    United Kingdom

At Ooshi, I had their milk tea, which I thought was pretty tasty. 

At CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, I had their roasted milk tea, which was super delicious! 

Milk teas for thought!

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Excuse me, but I’m in France


Leaving foot prints, taking photos, and killing time.


After London, I took the train to Paris.

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t have any wine while I was in Paris. Many said wine is cheaper than water in France. But honestly? I didn’t want water nor wine! Boba please!

As I was wondering around, doing what tourists do, looking for the Musee Du Louvre, a worthy of  visit if you’re in Paris, I stumbled on Momen’Tea! It’s a very short distance from the Museum, which was very pleasant. It was such a cute shop that also serves ramen. So I walked in for boba, and decided to have lunch too. I really liked this place.

The remainder of my stay in Paris, I went out of my way to go to Chinatown nightly because my friends and I had the need to eat asian food. Yes, in Paris! Don’t judge us. There were a few boba shops in the same vicinity, but we picked what we were familiar with, Chatime. Of course, it didn’t fail us. Roasted milk tea for the win!

I seriously love how comforting boba makes me feel. No matter where I am in the word, as long as I have a cup of milk tea, I’d be as happy as a bee.

No wine or water, just boba please!
Happy boba hunting!

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First things first.

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Milk tea in hand in Yokohama, Japan


I’m pretty sure everyone has seen at least a meme or two or four of people needing coffee to function. Welps! That’s pretty much me with boba! ;}

While I usually refer to all the tea drinks as boba, or saying I want to go get boba, I seldom drink the boba (tapioca) balls itself. I usually get all my drinks without boba. 

Well….I love love love love boba, and i LOVEE boba houses even more. I love discovering new boba places. So let’s make friends, share some boba and be merry!

Take me!

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