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Don’t worry, be happy!

I’ve been too busy to keep up but I’m back!

It feels so good to be off today. This gives me a chance hang out with my puppy, watch TV while sipping on my almond milk tea from Lollicup Westminster, CA location. Basically doing nothing, which I absolutely love. Lollicup is one of my favorite boba houses because of their popcorn chicken and fried squid rings. Extra spicy please! Glutton for fiery punishment, but it’s so good! I can’t help it, but it’s ok because I got the milk tea to cool me down. 😀 I keep thinking, with so many boba houses popping up everywhere in Little Saigon, it’s pretty cool to see this place still booming. Kudos to one of the OGs!

No schedule to meet, no place I’m expected to be today and it feels terrific! No anxieties to meet deadlines make me feel so relaxed, which makes me really happy. And I like being happy 🙂

Previously, I’ve mentioned about feeling lost and frustrated due to lack of direction in life and also feeling stagnant. Unfortunately, it’s still ongoing and I’m still figuring myself out. It’s not easy and heavy on the mind. However, I’ve been opening myself up to try exploring different opportunities. In doing so, it puts me in a positive light. Plus, being so busy lately, it gives me less time to dwell in all the negativity. I don’t even have time to think! It’s like a bandaid, a quick fix. But like I said, I’m still learning and figuring myself out. Be positive!

Positive vibe. So smile. Be happy! ❤

Milk tea for thoughts

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Magical brightness


Absorbing in all the positivity


Surrounding something so bright and colorful, it is pretty difficult to be anything less than positive. It is always better to think of the brighter side in life. And today, I’m thankful for the journey that has brought me to where I am in today. Also, I’m thankful for the infinite amount of resources of boba that is assessable to me living in Little Saigon, Orange County!

I heart!

It still surprises me how many photos are captured of me with a milk tea in hand! Sometimes it seriously make me laugh and think… typical. But here I am, milk tea in hand, exploring these magical rocks of Seven Magic Mountains, which is located right outside of Las Vegas off the 15 highway.

Boba house of the day was Volcano Tea, located right in the heart of Chinatown of Las Vegas. The prices was of course affordable, considering it is off the Las Vegas Strip, and that works for me! I got almond milk tea with milk pudding. Milk pudding is my favorite topping. If it’s on the menu, I got to have it, and I love pairing it with almond milk tea. It’s just my preference and it’s amazingly delicious!

Milk tea for thoughts.

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Beautiful dreams with a side of heartache

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAlways look up and ahead


Looking for boba is always a fun experience wherever I’m at, even in Sin City! I’m a heavy drinker! A heavy boba drinker that is!

And let me tell you, nothing goes unnoticed in Las Vegas. Everything is flashy and grand, and that definitely comes with a hefty price tag, and this includes boba! Maybe, I was paying for convenient (time is money?), since I didn’t want to leave the strip and drive in the ridiculous traffic. How about 45 minutes to go two miles? No, thank you.

So, while walking around, I decided to visit Tbaar, and ordered my usual green milk tea. I feel partial to the drink or the boba shop since I couldn’t get past the fact that they charge $5.50+ tax for a 16 oz. drink! I got two drinks and paid nearly $12. Let me tell you… It was not worth it!

Milk tea for thoughts!

While in Vegas, I had an experience that had me ponder… maybe because I was feeling blue from boba deprivation? But have you ever had dreams that were so so beautiful but at the same time so so cruel? Dreams so beautiful, to only realize it was just a dream… and wake up to an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

It’s an indecipherable feeling, whether you’re happy or sad. Happy that it happened, and sad that you wish it was real. Yet, I’m grateful that I can still dream beautiful dreams, and see the most incredible and important person in this life time of mine. All heart.

On a different note, if you’re looking for boba, go off the strip and to Chinatown area on Spring Mountain Rd! There are plenty to chose from and prices are way more reasonable. Which is usually the case. But if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to hassle with the parking and crazy Vegas traffic, you pay $6 for your 16 oz!

Happy boba hunting!

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I found heaven! It’s in Chinatown, SF


This must be stairway to heaven!


Recently I took a short trip to San Francisco for a few days to get away from the daily worries, and to just decompress. Living in Southern California, San Fran is a very manageable getaway. And decompress I did!

It was my 5th time in the city, but it’s always an unfamiliar playground, because there are so many places to explore! But exploring isn’t complete without a boba in my hand! As I was wandering around Chinatown, obviously looking for boba, I found my personal piece of heaven, or shall I say stairway to heaven! It must be my personal heaven on Earth!

Milk tea! Milk tea with boba! Milk tea heaven! This must be personally made with me in mind! I love love love it! So you best know it, picture please!

This beautiful stairway really brought out the little kid in me. I was a total tourist, but guess what? It totally made me grin from ear to ear! A total gem. I really believe boba defines me. I’m that girl who can’t live without boba. Miss boba queen.

So, let me know what defines you!

Milk tea for thought!

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