Attempted Hustle & Heart

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Happiness in a cup = heart.


Today called for productivity, so I decided to go to a boba house, Bloomz, to plan out a project and start a brainstorming session with my friend. What I really ended up doing was watching pop music videos while sipping on my milk tea… Technically, it wasn’t my fault since I didn’t play the videos myself. Right? So, I will credit Bloomz, for the unintended distraction. My poor friend ended up brainstorming by herself while I sat there completely distracted. But on a good note, I am now very well verse with Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, The Weekend and Taylor Swift. Winning!

Maybe, I should bring headphones next time..

Good thing was, she did like the drink I recommended, and was content to work on the project on her own. At Bloomz, they have crystal boba, which is why it is one of my favorite boba houses. My go-to drink is jasmine milk tea and of course with an add-on of crystal boba. Crystal boba is also known as agar boba, which is made from algae. In comparison to the traditional boba, crystal boba is a white pearl that is translucent, has a gelatin texture and a bit more crunchy than it is chewy. So if you’re counting calories, it’s a healthier option than your traditional boba! Regardless, it’s deliciousness in a cup!

Side note, I did finally help her with the planning, after who knows how long. A for effort though. At least we go the job done! Kudos (to her).

I suppose, I did accomplish what I set out to do today. I got to the boba house. Yay!

Milk tea for thoughts!

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