I found heaven! It’s in Chinatown, SF


This must be stairway to heaven!


Recently I took a short trip to San Francisco for a few days to get away from the daily worries, and to just decompress. Living in Southern California, San Fran is a very manageable getaway. And decompress I did!

It was my 5th time in the city, but it’s always an unfamiliar playground, because there are so many places to explore! But exploring isn’t complete without a boba in my hand! As I was wandering around Chinatown, obviously looking for boba, I found my personal piece of heaven, or shall I say stairway to heaven! It must be my personal heaven on Earth!

Milk tea! Milk tea with boba! Milk tea heaven! This must be personally made with me in mind! I love love love it! So you best know it, picture please!

This beautiful stairway really brought out the little kid in me. I was a total tourist, but guess what? It totally made me grin from ear to ear! A total gem. I really believe boba defines me. I’m that girl who can’t live without boba. Miss boba queen.

So, let me know what defines you!

Milk tea for thought!

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