London, I feel you.

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Exploring with my boba, Cambridge, UK


Last month, while I was traveling in London, and you best know it, I found several boba places (I was on a hunt, really) that I realy liked. While, my friends were looking for coffee houses, I was looking for boba houses. So yup! you can pretty much say we were doubling up on the caffeine trips and doses! I drank coffees with them… They drank boba with me…. It was a total compromise!

Let’s face it, I’m not going to last an entire trip without ANY kind of boba fixes! Like…. get real. 

While, I can’t say I had any outstanding milk tea experiences, there were a couple that really stood out for me personally. It definitely satiated my cravings. Because common, it’s not a vacation if I’m not happy. And boba makes me happy!

The two places I care to share:

  1. Ooshi! (Cambridge)
    61 Regent Street
    Cambridge CB2 1AB
    United Kingdom
  2. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Soho, London)
    52 Dean Street
    London W1D 5BL
    United Kingdom

At Ooshi, I had their milk tea, which I thought was pretty tasty. 

At CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, I had their roasted milk tea, which was super delicious! 

Milk teas for thought!

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