Excuse me, but I’m in France


Leaving foot prints, taking photos, and killing time.


After London, I took the train to Paris.

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t have any wine while I was in Paris. Many said wine is cheaper than water in France. But honestly? I didn’t want water nor wine! Boba please!

As I was wondering around, doing what tourists do, looking for the Musee Du Louvre, a worthy of  visit if you’re in Paris, I stumbled on Momen’Tea! It’s a very short distance from the Museum, which was very pleasant. It was such a cute shop that also serves ramen. So I walked in for boba, and decided to have lunch too. I really liked this place.

The remainder of my stay in Paris, I went out of my way to go to Chinatown nightly because my friends and I had the need to eat asian food. Yes, in Paris! Don’t judge us. There were a few boba shops in the same vicinity, but we picked what we were familiar with, Chatime. Of course, it didn’t fail us. Roasted milk tea for the win!

I seriously love how comforting boba makes me feel. No matter where I am in the word, as long as I have a cup of milk tea, I’d be as happy as a bee.

No wine or water, just boba please!
Happy boba hunting!

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